Your Complete online HR solution

We take care of all your HR activities while you take care of your employees. Bloom is an Advanced Human Resources Information System designed by team of HR Managers from different field and different sectors.
Catering to all small and medium size companies as they grow.



Dashboard is admin hub, it provides quick insight to all necessary reports and statistics. Dashbaord also allow users to view charts and graphs of reflecting current organizational status.

Personnel Information

Basic function of HR, accessing and updating employee data with all the possible details from a centralize location

Leave Management

This module provide functionality of leave management for all employees. Management can register early leave plan of all employee quickly.

Assets Management

Bloom provide basic assets management and assignment module. Assets are defined into the system with all details then assigned to specific employee.

Request Management

This feature manages requests of tasks which are to be done by external source or govt. department, Renewal of govt documents, exit-reentry visa issue etc.

Custom Reports

Bloom team can generate customized reports for our customers based on their need Report format is saved into the system in order for them to generate an per their convenience.

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